Businesses rely on the timely delivery of essential goods. Without it, they’re dead in the water. Since 1996, Shepler’s has been helping to keep Great Lakes coastal businesses afloat with reliable, on-time shipping of everything from heavy machinery to household goods. Our conscientious and thorough receiving system, secured quality storage facilities and set-your-watch-to-it door-to-door delivery are hallmarks of the Shepler name.

Serving the Mackinac Straits area, as well as all of the upper Great Lakes, for 20 years, Shepler’s Freight knows how to deliver the goods.

Physical Address:
610 Hazelton St,
St. Ignace, MI 49781

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 250
Mackinaw City, MI 49701

For more information please call 906-643-9440 or 906-430-0974 or email

Freight Rates

Bulk Rates

Rates are prorated per 100 pounds of freight, unless otherwise indicated.
Under 100 lbs.$5.50 minimum
Building Supplies and Tools:
100 – 5,000 lbs.$5.65
over 5,000 lbs.$3.40
Blocks, per pallet$65.00
Food and Beverages:
fish, meat, frozen, produce$5.87
ice$0.50 ea/$1.60 per 100
barrels/kegs, 1/2 keg (full)$7.21 ea
all other food and beverage not listed above$5.85
Glass (fragile)$6.15
Hay$2.00 per bale
Horse Feed$3.60
(furniture, appliances, supplies)
Landscaping Materials$5.04
Lawn Equipment and Supplies$4.89
if under 100 lbs$5.50 ea
Linens$7.25 ea
Miscellaneous Freight
(clothing, laundry, printed materials,
horseshoes, hotel amenities, souvenirs)

Flat Rate Fees

Bikes$6.50 ea
Carriages and Sleighs:
One Seater$19.80 ea
Two Seater$24.75 ea
Three Seater$28.60 ea
Wagons$19.80 ea
Carts$27.50 ea
$5.50 per box
Hazardous Materials:
Anti-Freeze (single unit)$3.80 ea
Anti-Freeze (55 gal. drum)$7.70 ea
CO2 tanks$7.05 ea
Gasoline (5 gallon can)$5.15 ea
Propane Cylinders$11.00 one way
Propane Tanks (large)$35.00 one way
Returns (empty):
Beverage Returns
Aluminum can returns (1 bag)$2.10 ea
Barrel return empties$2.10 ea
Bottle return per case$1.00 ea
Drums (55 gallon)$10.00 ea
Snowmobile$25.00 round trip
Trailers0-12 foot: $75.00 round trip
13-20 foot: $125.00 round trip
20 foot: $185.00 round trip
Bands$27.50 per cart
Cordwood (face cord)$15.00 ea
Golf Carts$27.00 ea
Harnesses$6.00 ea
Kayak$25.00 round trip
Korey$85.00 ea

Heavy Equipment

Please Note: All motor vehicle permits must be obtained from the City of Mackinac Island and from the Mackinac Island State Park. For more information, please call (906) 847-3328 or fax (906) 847-6193. *British Landing Fee $300.
Class I
cars, pickups, and vans
Class II (10-40 tons)
diggers, backhoes, blacktoppers, rollers, dumptrucks, dozers, excavators
Class III (41-50 tons)
propane semi

Prices above based on round trip on Sacre Bleu.